Smart buildings are at the heart of Delta Electronics

  •  Delta Electronics has a culture that aligns with Delta Controls’ “Do it Right” and Earthright™ philosophies.
  • Delta Electronics Inc. is a $7+ billion USD worldwide organization with a reputation for quality that enables them to be a major ODM supplier to many of the high-tech Fortune 300 organizations.
  • Delta Electronics was founded in 1971 and is the global leader in switching power supply solutions and DC brushless fans.
  • They specialize in a comprehensive range of variable frequency drives, industrial automation, UPS, visualization displays, LED lighting and renewable energy solutions.

Delta Fan/Pump Vector Control Drive CP2000 Series

Delta Industrial Automation introduces the CP2000 Series AC motor drive for energy-saving HVAC systems and for pump and fan applications. The CP2000 Series is equipped with special HVAC parameters and PID control functions for efficient operation, as well as multi-segment V/F control curve and soft start functions to assist frequent torque change and constant output applications with energy-saving performance.

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