Crossroads Addiction Centre

From old to new! The Crossroads Centre has taken over Thunder Bay’s former Oliver Road public school and preparing it for conversion to a home for people recovering from substance abuse disorder. The $2.4 million dollar capital project for Crossroads will provide 40 men and women a safe place to transition to independent living in the community.

Great Northern Controls is committed to making that transition as comfortable as possible for those patients and their staff by providing controls for 48 variable speed fan coil units which provide both heating and cooling capabilities for each space independently.

Great Northern Controls also provides complete central plant controls including 2 gas fired boilers paired with variable speed pumps, air cooled chiller, air handling unit for patient aerobic space as well as 3 energy recovery ventilator units providing fresh air into each patient/admin space.

Products Used:

  • eBMGR System Controller
  • eBCON System Controller
  • eBX04 / eBX-08 Backboard
  • eBM-404H Card
  • eBM-440M Card
  • Copper Cube Archiving Controller
  • eZ440R4-230 FCU Controller
  • eZNS-T100 Zone Sensor
  • DNT-T103 Thermostat
  • enteliWEB 4.6 Energy Management Software