TBRHSC Cyclotron

The construction of the Cyclotron was completed in the spring of 2014. The facility has 6 floors with a mezzanine which houses two totally isolated central plants, one for the existing building and a second solely for the cyclotron located in the basement. The facility produces a precious commodity, medical isotopes, for use in medical imaging and medical research in Northwestern Ontario.

GNC installed over 100 central and zone controllers to provide the client with easy and effective control of their two main air handling units, two ERV units, four boilers, eight heat exchangers, eleven pumps, two chiller units, thirty-three water to air heat pumps, forty-two CAV/VAV terminal units, seven fume hoods as well as twelve interactive touch screen zone pressure control panels.

The conditions inside the cyclotron are very particular. Given that the cyclotron produces radioactive material, extensive precautions were taken to ensure the safety of the researchers in the facility. The ventilation and air conditioning systems in this project were no exception. Controlling the environment is as vital for the workers as it is for the work they are doing.

To carry out its mandate, GNC therefore, implemented solutions that use complex algorithms to tightly control every parameter. In addition, several alarms closely monitor the systems as well as the filters and the air and water supply. Unlike a traditional project, controlling the ventilation and air conditioning does not only ensure the comfort of the occupants; it also provides the necessary temperature for the experiments, guarantees the absence of dust and maintains the balance of the air pressure in each area.

• Products Used:
• eBX-04 / eBX-08
• eBM-800
• eBM-404H
• eBM-440M
• DAC-606E
• DAC-633E
• DAC-1180E
• eZVP-440
• enteliTOUCH
• DVC-322
• DNS-24L
• DNT-T221
• enteliWEB
• Copper Cube

Devices installed
Over 6km
of control wire installed
Over 1500
Control points