Marostica Subaru Dealership

A new home and a new automation system. Marostica Subaru has recently moved from their previous location on Central Avenue to their brand new state of the art 10,000sqft showroom and service bay on 16th Avenue. As the days get colder, the owners of Marostica Subaru are glad they put their trust in Great Northern Controls Inc to provide them with a superior HVAC control system to match their new building. Great Northern Controls Inc was proud to provide a fully automated control system which overseas both the heating cooling and gas extraction system operation.

Included in that system is complete central plant control consisting of two gas fired boilers paired with variable speed pumps. Pressure/Flow meters were also installed to ensure constant loop pressure and flow rate throughout the boiler system. Tied to the boiler system is an extensive in-floor heating system which covers the entire main floor of the building. A York roof top unit (RTU) supplies conditioned air to several variable air flow controllers and their respective hydronic duct heaters throughout the showroom. Fresh air is provided to the RTU by an Aldes Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV).

Over on the shop side, several CO and NO2 gas sensors are placed throughout the shop to ensure worker safety while vehicles are running. Those sensors are tied to gas extraction fans as well as an ICE Western Make-UP Air Handling Unit (MUA) which provides fresh air in the event of gas leak.

Products Used:

  • eBMGR System Controller
  • eBCON System Controller
  • eBX04 / eBX-08 Backboard
  • eBM-404H Card
  • eBM-440M Card
  • Copper Cube Archiving Controller
  • eZVP-440 VAV Controller
  • eZNS-T100 Zone Sensor
  • eZNT-T133 Thermostat
  • enteliWEB 4.9 Energy Management Software