Hoshizaki House Dryden District Crisis Shelter

Construction has finally been completed on the brand new Dryden District Crisis Shelter Hoshizaki House. The new 8,000sqft building will replace the current 3,000sft which was in desperate need of an upgrade. The new shelter features eight bedrooms, seven washrooms, a large kitchen and dining area, a play area for children as well as a living room and quiet area for private visits. Great Northern Controls Inc was proud to provide the Hoshizaki House with a complete HVAC automation system so that families can feel comfortable while staying in this safe and welcoming place.

Hoshizaki House’s HVAC control system consists of 2 gas fired boilers paired with variable speed pumps as well as an extensive in-floor heating system which covers the entire building from the basement to the second floor. An air cooled chiller and air handling unit paired with an heat recovery ventilator (HRV) provides fresh clean air into each patient/admin space via several variable air flow controllers.

Products Used:

  • eBMGR System Controller
  • eBCON System Controller
  • eBX04 / eBX-08 Backboard
  • eBM-404H Card
  • eBM-440M Card
  • Copper Cube Archiving Controller
  • eZVP-440 VAV Controller
  • eZNS-T100 Zone Sensor
  • enteliWEB 4.8 Energy Management Software