Superior Greenstone School Board

Great Northern Controls provides the board with mainly HVAC and energy management controls although with school security a rising concern we have provided the board with a customized lock-down procedure including lockdown buttons, card access and audio alarms. Our products are installed in every school throughout the board which includes 16 schools spread out across 10 towns in North Western Ontario.

Recently the school boards main focus has been energy conservation. To combat the rising price of utilities in the province the board has decided to better educate its students in the field of conserving energy. To do so the school board has made significant investments in energy meters, energy management software and data archiving controllers which have all been supplied and installed by Great Northern Controls. Once this data is collected it is then displayed in the common areas of each school using an interactive touchscreen display so each student can explore and learn about energy consumption and conservation.

enteliWEB Graph

…existing, and troublesome, competitor panels were replaced with Delta systems, which to date have functioned well…Great Northern Controls has always responded quickly…We are happy to recommend them…” – Wayne Chiupka, Manager of Plant Services SGDSB

Products Used:

  • enteliWEB
  • eBCON
  • eBX-04 / eBX-08
  • eBM-800
  • eBM-404H
  • eBM-440M
  • Copper Cube Archiving Controller
  • DSC-1616E
  • DSC-1212E
  • DSC-1180E
  • DSC-1146E
  • DAC-606E
  • DAC-633E
  • DAC-1180E
  • DVC-322
  • DNS-24L
  • DNT-T221
  • Various Others
Over 550
Devices installed
Over 3800
Control Points